Valentine Blues

It is that time of the year, again. The roses are blooming and everything from chocolates to breads to boxes are heart shaped ( or “butt-shaped”, as you perceive it).  It is LOVE, cloying candy pink LOVE right in your face.

First it was just one annoying day, but Hallmark made it into one long annoying week. Those who are blessed with a partner see it as an evaluation of love instead of expression. And, people like me, single and blessed with happiness, fun, food and toothbrush on a no-sharing basis start to question our perfectly happy state.

Do you not see a conspiracy here ? To reduce human efficiency in the month of February, an efficiency that is already suffering from all the Christmas holiday family baggage, New Year hangovers, breakups and hookups.

Your email account is spammed with “find the perfect gift for your sweetheart” mails and your vision blurred by way too many red and pink balloons casually floating around. There are days I wish I had a shotgun and I would play “Pink Heart Hunt”. Then I realize, nos misérables are growing consumers of another market – The Valentine Blues. We end up over spending in clothes, jewelry, pointlessly expensive gadgets, spas, bars and fancy restaurants for a problem that we do not actually have. The world is an evil place , it makes you feel miserable, and then takes your money.

Somewhere, in this chaos, we have forgotten what love actually is. Falling in love is no longer like bungee jumping with butterflies in stomach, but replaced by definite expectations, more like a project with targets and valentine’s day, birthdays and anniversaries are inspection days. Love is actually pretty simple. Its the one person whom you want see when you wake up , and happiness is seeing that face and feeling the rest of the world melt away at that instant. 
I have thus warned you all of this sugary trap of red pillow expectations. To the couples, love each other like you do every day for the rest of forever. And the singles, Valentine’s day was to honor the saints that got persecuted for believing in a man with a beard that divided a sea ( read Jesus) over thunder weilding, fire breathing man ( read pagan gods). Nothing romantic here.