US bans students from “blacklisted” countries from getting a free education

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I’m following a Coursera course entitled “Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World” and just received a rather odd email. All students from Syria, Sudan, Iran and Cuba will no longer be able to access Coursera. As some of you may know, Coursera is an online website that offers free courses from many of the world’s top universities.

Here’s the email, which can also be viewed on the Course’s main page.

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Dear AllI write this email under protest and with a considerable degree of anger and sadness. Few things illustrate the bone-headedness, short-sightedness, and sheer chauvinism of the political structure of the United States better than the extent to which…

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By Invitation only

Asha Mirje is trending on twitter. So who is she ? Apparently a representative of women of Maharashtra, voicing their concerns. She is a member of Maharashtra State Commission for Women and a leader of a “National” party ( NCP is “Nationalist”)
So today while addressing a gathering of NCP women’s wing in Nagpur she enlightened us about causes of sexual crimes against women. She is so involved with women and their causes that she refuses to look at other things. She cannot be distracted and be engaged in solving men’s problem (like why they rape).
Quoting her,
“a woman has to think whether, mistakenly, she is not inviting or inviting (to sexual assault)” [1]
There are other gems of wisdom to and you can find them easily. (Media has done good coverage)
Thank you Ma’am for enlightening me that. After all why would a good man rape me without an invite from me. That is not the gentleman thing to do. What about gang-rapes ? I only invited two men but got raped by four. Can I accuse them of gate-crashing ?
There is a protocol for invitation. Make no mistake, rape is a serious event. You must not trivialize it. So here is my humble attempt to understand how and when we “invite” rape.

  1.  (Dress Code) Are you dressed as a woman ? You must be inviting rape.
  2. Are u standing alone ? Oh you must be looking to “invite” us
  3. Are u standing with a guy ? You must be “partying” with him. Thus inviting other men to join the party.
  4. Are you with another girl ? Its definitely a party now.
  5. Are you outside your house ? What are you possibly doing outside your house other than “inviting” men. I mean you do not really have a job or for that matter a life ?
  6. Are you inside the house ? Then you are a household object for use. Does the washing machine ever refuse to wash clothes. Then how could you possibly refuse to have sex with your husband or his friends or his relatives ?

All my understanding is from the newspaper reports of your humble speech. Alas I could not be there to fully absorb your extensive knowledge on crime against women. Kudos to Maharashtra State Commission Women for recruiting such erudite members. It is very difficult to find people of such profound views these days. Did you guys use a time machine to bring her from the Dark Ages ?