From Airport to Apartment

I moved to Bangalore exactly a month back. I was stepping into the “real world”; fresh with a degree and a novice. Everyday presented a new challenge in itself and I have grown in the past 30 days. As life is falling into place, I reflect back and wonder, had it been any other city would the transition been any smoother ?

Bangalore welcomes you, arms wide open. Every other person is just like you, probably moved to the city a year or two earlier. There have been times when I was asked by someone for directions and I shrugged saying “I am new too”. You don’t feel awkward about being new here, a lot of people around you are equally clueless.

Coming from New Delhi, what I found strikingly different were the people. Most people are dressed in muted colors (office wear) with I cards and laptop bags, and are either travelling from or to work. In Delhi, there was always an eccentric mix of people with different clothes and travelling for myriad purposes. Bangalore runs on the shoulders of the rising middle and upper class; the noveau riche, the cogwheels of India’s booming Technology Industry.

I have interacted with more people in past 4 weeks than I have in past one year. Brokers,landlords, Managers and office colleagues, HR and people ! lots of new people ! From socially awkward, I am moving towards socially competent. Conversation in itself is an art. Not only how you express yourselves, but understanding the nuances of other’s expressions. More is said in the spaces between the words than the words themselves.

A major life event was taking an apartment. A house is a living entity and it needs to be taken care of. When I am at home, most of the time, I am on my feet. There are a hundred things to be done. It is a daunting task in itself. First time appreciated all the hard work my parents put in to make our house into a home. My apartment still looks like a makeshift home with minimal furniture and basic amenities. Its a work in progress. Wouldn’t call it a home yet, more like a “nest”.

Despite the fact that I have been crazy busy, no time to catch to all the tv shows, I think I have been able to connect with myself more in these past weeks than during the lazy summer afternoons at my parent’s place. I have become more observant, yet more carefree. More cautious about things (plastics, bills, rents, taxes, yada …) yet more open and vulnerable to people and experiences. I give more thought to the clothes I wear, yet stride more confidently on a bad hair day.

Bangalore has made me feel at ease throughout, and this is a big Shout Out of appreciation to all the people I have met in Bangalore, even the ones I would never get to know personally – the kind bus conductor and patient commuters when I fumbled with change, the traffic policeman that helped me cross the road safely in Bangalore’s crazy traffic, numerous people who helped me with directions, and all who welcomed newcomers like me with so much warmth.

Thank You

Lots of love

xoxoxo Mwaaahh !!