Perks of Procrastination

Hello Folks !

Today I would like to share the speech I wrote for my Project 3 at Toastmasters.

Disclaimer: Procrastination is dangerous, and I am just trying my hand at being the Devil’s Advocate here. Under normal circumstances I would not recommend you to procrastinate. Do check out this amazing TED Talk on Procrastination

Here we go ! Below is my speech.


It was dark outside, and everything very still. The only sounds were of fingers clicking away at the keyboard. The clock blinked 1:07 am. I was running out of time. A smile spread across my face.

Good Evening fellow toastmasters ! No, this is not a horror story

This was actually last night, as I typed my speech for today. The situation was a result of my terrible affliction. Many call it procrastination. A survey  once said 80% students in University procrastinate. And I can very confidently say that 20% students lie in surveys. We all have pulled all-nighters to complete that nasty assignment lying around since the beginning of the semester.

Procrastination: Everyone has done it at some point in time. Many call it the crown prince of all bad habits. The one habit that stand between you and your hypothetical Lamborghini. We have all heard the adages. “A stitch in time saves nine” “What you can do today, do not leave for tomorrow”   Yada .. Yada ..

Hold on .. I beg to differ.. I believe everything has a flip side.

My tryst with procrastination while writing this speech has opened up to me the perks of this dangerous affliction. Allow me to indulge you with my findings

Have you heard of the Parkinson’s Law ? It states “work expands so as to fill the time available for it’s completion”

Tricky, right ? For example, let’s look at the summer projects we got in school. There were 2 types of kids. One who worked each day to complete their summer project over the entire course of vacation. And then there were those who frolicked all summer, and did it iit all in the last week, sometimes on the last day. If a task will fill out the whole given to it, the logical way to circumvent this problem is to give it the least possible time.

The thing to note here is that a procrastinators is not a lazy person. We just like doing the  non-urgent non-important tasks instead of the important and the urgent.

We tend to pick the menial easy tasks, than do that one thing which requires significant mental or physical labor. This Saturday afternoon,  I sat on my bed and was determined to write the speech. I opened my laptop. After 10 minutes of staring at the blank word document on my screen, I noticed the bed sheet was slightly crumpled. 4 hours later, I had cleaned my room, and finished my laundry.

To think of it, I would have never done all of this if I was not procrastinating my speech.ave never done the not-important not-urgent petty things. I am effectively utilizing the time better. As you can clearly see, Procrastination secretly increases productivity.

It is admirable to be the first one to do something. You are setting an example for others to follow. That is why, I will let you guide me by example. Why make mistakes when you can learn from others mistakes. My wisdom grows with time. Also, when you have less time to do something, you worry less about the details. Perfectionism can be a pain. One time I agreed to work on an assignment early on. My study partner spent two hours deciding on the Font of the presentation. You skip the unnecessary technicalities, you see the bigger picture. You are concise and Prudent.

As you can see, you are more productive and prudent.

Another interesting aspect is the Pressure. “I am a person who works well under pressure. In fact, I work so well under pressure that at times, I will procrastinate in order to create this pressure.”  these are not my words, but the words of the Canadian writer Stephanie Peal-McPhee. Pressure makes diamonds. Pressure tests a person’s true character. We get more creative under pressure. Last minute Jugaad is the mother of all invention.

Bill Waterson, one of my favourite cartoonists, wrote in one of his Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strips.

“You cannot just turn creativity on like a faucet. You need to be in the right mood.”

“And what mood is that”

“Last minute panic”

The night was dark and very still. I was looking at my laptop’s flickering screen.

At 1:07 am in the night, the 3 P’s of procrastination dawned on me. Productivity, Prudence and Pressure. A smile spread across my face.

My advice to you all. Don’t be afraid to procrastinate. It’s a temptation, if handled with care and moderation can boost your overall happiness and satisfaction.


Thank you for reading till the end. If you enjoyed it, do share it 🙂




10 Tragic Love Stories That Will Break Your Heart

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But V-Day’s contemporary style is as far removed from its origins as your family’s Thanksgiving dinner is from your syphilis-sharing Pilgrim predecessors. Valentine’s Day is rooted in violence and loss. Brutality. Death. The punishment of the innocent. V-Day’s always had love notes and flowers. It’s just that they were written moments before slaughter and placed carefully next to a cracked skull and a fresh grave.

So in the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are 10 Tragic Love Stories that Will Break Your Heart. Because as St. Valentine knew better than anyone, the best romances don’t end happily, and the greatest love stories are tragedies above all.


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It’s difficult to make laugh, difficult even more to make people laugh so much that they cry, and difficult most to make people cry while they laugh. In that Robin Williams was a master, like Charlie Chaplin, for their best performances,  always had a melancholic poignancy to them, lingering long after the laughter had died down.

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I’m following a Coursera course entitled “Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World” and just received a rather odd email. All students from Syria, Sudan, Iran and Cuba will no longer be able to access Coursera. As some of you may know, Coursera is an online website that offers free courses from many of the world’s top universities.

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Valentine Blues

It is that time of the year, again. The roses are blooming and everything from chocolates to breads to boxes are heart shaped ( or “butt-shaped”, as you perceive it).  It is LOVE, cloying candy pink LOVE right in your face.

First it was just one annoying day, but Hallmark made it into one long annoying week. Those who are blessed with a partner see it as an evaluation of love instead of expression. And, people like me, single and blessed with happiness, fun, food and toothbrush on a no-sharing basis start to question our perfectly happy state.

Do you not see a conspiracy here ? To reduce human efficiency in the month of February, an efficiency that is already suffering from all the Christmas holiday family baggage, New Year hangovers, breakups and hookups.

Your email account is spammed with “find the perfect gift for your sweetheart” mails and your vision blurred by way too many red and pink balloons casually floating around. There are days I wish I had a shotgun and I would play “Pink Heart Hunt”. Then I realize, nos misérables are growing consumers of another market – The Valentine Blues. We end up over spending in clothes, jewelry, pointlessly expensive gadgets, spas, bars and fancy restaurants for a problem that we do not actually have. The world is an evil place , it makes you feel miserable, and then takes your money.

Somewhere, in this chaos, we have forgotten what love actually is. Falling in love is no longer like bungee jumping with butterflies in stomach, but replaced by definite expectations, more like a project with targets and valentine’s day, birthdays and anniversaries are inspection days. Love is actually pretty simple. Its the one person whom you want see when you wake up , and happiness is seeing that face and feeling the rest of the world melt away at that instant. 
I have thus warned you all of this sugary trap of red pillow expectations. To the couples, love each other like you do every day for the rest of forever. And the singles, Valentine’s day was to honor the saints that got persecuted for believing in a man with a beard that divided a sea ( read Jesus) over thunder weilding, fire breathing man ( read pagan gods). Nothing romantic here.